Artist Statement - Christian Murillo Photography

As a natural landscape and adventure photographer I am constantly searching for wilderness that I find both in my travels and near my new home in Bend, Oregon. The focus of my work is to humble and inspire humanity with the grace and power of nature.

Capturing nature organically must be done with a purist approach, with both natural light from the most spectacular moments and also a conservative approach to post-processing.  My style is further distinguished with the use of unique shooting angles and disciplined study of geometric arrangements and creative compositions and framing.

The largest inspiration behind my work and the reason why natural landscapes are my subject of choice is largely due to my passion for environmental conservation and my awareness of the fragility of even the most resilient ecosystems. It is all but guaranteed that the wilderness areas of today may not be in the same condition tomorrow. This gives my photography a documentary purpose, as well as artistic fulfillment.

The desired impact of my photography is to draw my audience in with the beauty of my landscapes and then to provoke their thoughts to contemplate the value of wild spaces. We cannot truly protect something we do not love, and we cannot love something that does not move us. I aim to move my audience to get outside and grow their own desire to protect these natural areas that give so much to our lives.

Please join me in not only enjoying our natural wonders, but also doing everything in our power to protect them.

Christian Murillo

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